Ringback Radio
Introducing Ringback Radio Stations!

With Ringback Radio Stations from U.S. Cellular, you pick the style of music your friends hear while they wait for you to pick up. One Ringback Station gets you up to 4 tunes, which get updated every month. When you assign a Ringback Radio Station to a contact, they'll hear a randomly selected tune from that station every time they call. Want Hip-Hop? Rock? Country? Look no further. You can choose the Station(s) you love most! With Ringback Radio Stations, you get more music for less money. Ringback Radio Stations are only available to Tone Room Deluxe monthly subscribers. Once subscribed, you can purchase these Radio Stations for an additional 2.99 per month. Your Ringback Stations remain active (you'll see the charge on your phone bill each month) until you delete the Station or cancel your subscription.

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