Frequently Asked Questions - Ringback Radio

What are Ringback Radio Stations?
Ringback Radio Stations allow you to pick the style of music your callers hear while they wait for you to pick up. Each station contains up to 4 tones, and will be updated monthly to keep the music fresh. Each time your friends call, they will hear a different tone with the assigned station. Purchase your favorite station, or get a few stations for the different preferences of your friends and family! Note: Ringback Radio Stations are available to Tone Room Deluxe Monthly Subscribers.

What is the difference between a Ringback Tone and a Ringback Radio Station?
A Ringback Tone usually represents an individual song. A Ringback Radio Station represents a set of up to four songs which are grouped together (usually be music genre). You can assign tones and stations in exactly the same way (set as default, assign to contact, assign to group, etc). A Ringback Tone is purchased for six months at a time, after which you must renew in order to keep using it. The typical charge for a Ringback Tone purchase is one credit (or $2.49 if you run out of credits). A Ringback Station is an auto-recurring charge that takes place each month. Ringback Stations typically cost $2.99 per month (cannot use credits to purchase). In order to stop paying the monthly charge, you can simply delete the Radio Station.

How much do Ringback Tones and Ringback Radio Stations cost?
Typically, a Ringback Tone costs one credit. If you have run out of monthly credits, the charge is $2.49. This purchase allows you to use the tone for six month (after which you must renew). Ringback Radio Stations usually costs $2.99 per month (cannot be purchased with credits). This charge will auto-renew each month, until the station is deleted from your account.

Do ringback Radio Stations ever expire?
No. Ringback Stations will auto-renew each month, until you decide to get rid of it (this can be done by deleted the station from your account).

Do Ringback Radio Stations work with my phone?
Yes! You can purchase and assign Ringback Radio Stations from the Tone Room Deluxe website, or from your U.S. Cellular phone.

When will my next monthly charge for my Ringback Radio Station be?
The monthly charge date is based on the specific date when you originally purchased the Ringback Station. You can find out when to expect your next charge by going to My Account Info, or through My Ringbacks.

How do I cancel/remove/delete my Ringback Radio Station?
You can easily delete a Ringback Station by going to My Account Info or My RIngbacks. Note: Upon deleting a station from your account, you will no longer be able to make assignments with it. Also, the associated monthly charges will be stopped once the station is deleted.

Can I buy/have more than one Ringback Radio Station?
Absolutely. There is no limit on the number of Ringback Radio Stations you can have at any given time.

How many tones are in each Ringback Radio Station?
Up to four tones per station.

How often is each Ringback Radio Station updated with new music?
We update our Ringback Radio Stations with fresh music every month!

How can I find out what tones are in each Ringback Radio Station?
We keep an updated list of what tones are in each station here:

How do I manage my Ringback Tones and Ringback Radio Stations (make and update assignments, etc?
Typically, a Ringback Tone costs one credit. This is done in the same way as regular Ringback Tones are managed. Namely, you are able to set a Ringback Station as default, and assign it to a specific Contacts and Groups. Ringback Stations will be included when you set an assignment to Shuffle. When an assignment is made using a Ringback Station, a song from the station will be pulled at random and played for all relevant callers.

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