Frequently Asked Questions - Ringtone

What is a Ringtone?
Ringtones (also known as Realtones) are the sounds your phone makes to alert you to an incoming call. Ringtones are downloaded to your phone and available for you to manage and assign. Ringtones never expire but you cannot transfer them from your handset.

How do I purchase a Ringtone?
Simply find and select the tone of your choice, and upon clicking Get It, you'll be presented with details and an option to confirm ($2.99 ala carte, or 1 credit if you're a monthly subscriber).

How much does a Ringtone cost?
As a monthly subscriber to Tone Room Deluxe, you will receive 2 credits for $4.99/mo. All Ringtones cost 1 credit each. Or, you can buy Ringtones ala carte for $2.99 each.

Do I need a subscription in order to purchase Ringtones?
No. If you don't have a monthly subscription, you can still purchase ala carte Ringtones for $2.99 each.

How long do I get to keep my Ringtone for?
Ringtones do not expire. Since they are downloaded onto the handset, you'll get to use Ringtones for as long as you keep your phone. However, Ringtones cannot be transferred from your phone to any other device.

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